Ibogaine Clinic
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For both Medical Afflictions and Addictions

Ibogaine is an herbal extract usually administered in capsule form. This herbal extract does not cure anything. It is a trigger to reignite your body to heal itself. At Ibogaine Clinic, one of the established Ibogaine treatment centers in North America, we are able to treat more than just Addictions, which Ibogaine is already well known for. Many Medical conditions both physical and mental, respond very well to our treatment as a healing trigger. Your body is a very complex powerful machine, even when it’s ill. ‘Maintenance medications’ and drugs of all kinds can help treat symptoms or cover the problem. Nothing can compare to your body working in overtime to truly heal. Addiction is a much simpler protocol than what we need for different Medical Conditions. Please Contact our Ibogaine treatment clinic directly if you would like to be treated for a Medical Condition other than addiction. Many of the effects you see on our website, only apply to those who receive an Addiction ‘Flood Dose’ of Ibogaine. Most illnesses/medical conditions do NOT require a flood dose, so the response from your body is much gentler and the process is longer (10 plus days).


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