Envision Recovery

Envision Recovery
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Our primary concern is assuring the highest level safety for our patients, before, during and after treatment.
Dr. Malaquias Vargas, Lex Kogan and our team of registered nurses and after-care staff are always present and provide a family-like atmosphere for our patients throughout the entire process.  Prior to treatment, each patient must go through a physical screening process to minimize the risk of complications.
We understand that committing to an ibogaine session can be somewhat frightening for some people.  We will be there to support you every step of the way.
At Envision Recovery, we view your treatment as a transformative and therapeutic experience.  Therefore, we offer unwavering support throughout the entire process, including the post-treatment period.
Professional massage therapy is provided in a natural, relaxing environment designed for the integration phase that follows the detox session.


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