The life long effects of Ibogaine treatment cannot be overstated. People suffering from addiction are especially affected. Ibogaine is an incredibly effective, psychoactive alkaloid that naturally occurs in the iboga shrub, most found in West Africa. When Ibogaine is taken in small doses, it acts as a mild stimulant. When it is taken in larger doses, Ibogaine has the power to induce a profound introspective state on the recipient.


The history is simply unique. We find that Ibogaine has been openly used in a variety of healing ceremonies, as well as, initiations. Most of these take place in West Africa by certain members who belonged to the Bwiti religion, who are spread across West Africa. Many that have a problem with substance-related craving found that Ibogaine in larger doses, it significantly cut their substance cravings. Even purported to reduce withdrawal from opiates as well.

A Brief History of Ibogaine in the US

Ibogaine initially received its first negative connotation back in the 1930’s during the Olympics. The French were found selling Ibogaine in large quantities as a form of medical treatment. Olympic athletes who had gathered from all around the world started using it as a fast acting, performance enhancement drug. Wasn’t until early 1960’s that an American scientific researcher, Howard Lotsof, conducted research. Discovering Ibogaine medicinal properties in relationship to his own opiate addiction. Howard Lotsof was at that time a heroin addict.

Unfortunately, by that time, the FDA had already made Ibogaine a Schedule 1 drug and also made it illegal to sell in the USA. Any research on Ibogaine was also stopped or wrapped up as a consequence. But Lotsof did not give up and continued to do his research on Ibogaine after migrating to Netherlands.

Since the day Ibogaine is a schedule 1 drug in the USA, its chances of becoming a popular recreational drug have declined and same is the case in countries like Switzerland and Belgium. But despite its forced classification as a drug that is not accepted for medical use and has a high potential for abuse, people who do struggle with substance abuse have been found to having Ibogaine treatment and many continue to seek out various international clinics or other underground Ibogaine providers heal themselves through Ibogaine treatment.

Ibogaine treatment has been proven time and again to be an extremely effective treatment. For people who are suffering from heroin addiction and all sorts of substance abuse the results are obvious.  Many feel that Ibogaine does more than help a person recover from addiction, a mere drug addiction. Many feel that it helps people improve their spiritual well-being. Many people have found that Ibogaine treatment has helped them regain their lost confidence. Enabling them to maintain their body weight, improved their appetite and enhanced their spiritual and mental health as well. Ibogaine treatment is considered as an effective addiction recovery technique.


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