Ibogaine is an extract from the little known Iboga shrub. Originating in the Western part of Africa specifically Cameroon and Gabon. A compound taken from a shrub. It’s naturally used in the treatment of drug addictions. Further research has shown it improves different types of mental and physical health complications. Ibogaine is successful in the treatment of drug addictions that it is said to have achieved eighty percent success rate when compared. Conventional therapy has success rates of only three percent.

The movement of Ibogaine to the other parts of the world especially the western countries was traced to a French doctor. He discovered the Iboga shrub from the locals and brought the root to France in 1864. After series of research by French scientists, the main alkaloid was taken from the Iboga shrub, in 1901 it was named Ibogaine.

In France, Ibogaine which is the extract from the Iboga shrub. It was subjected to clinical demonstrations as a prescription drug, known as Lambarene. The prescription drug was used in the treatment of fatigue and when taken in low dosages performed as a mild stimulant. Until 1970, Lambarene continued to be sold in retail shops in France; as a ‚Äúneuromuscular stimulant‚ÄĚ in 8 mg tablets. Primarily prescribed for combating fatigue, depression, and curing different forms of infectious diseases.

While these activities were going on in France, it is speculated that in United States of America, the CIA got hold of Ibogaine. They started using it in their research in the MKULTRA project. To test its effects ranging from improving human potential to brainwashing. The first recorded use of Ibogaine in USA was when Harris Isbell. He administered different doses of Ibogaine to eight willingly cleaned morphine dependents. All this taking place in the United States Addiction Research Center in Lexington, Kentucky. This marks the first introduction of Ibogaine as a treatment drug in US.

Then in 1962, the most significant incident in Ibogaine history occurred when a heroin addict named Howard Lotsof. He procured Ibogaine and took it as a recreational drug. Afterwards, he encountered the most challenging and energetic experience in his life. The major discovery is that, 30 hours later, when the effects of the Ibogaine had worn off, he observed that he was no longer experiencing the normal withdrawal symptoms. No more desire to use heroin or cocaine which were associated with heroin addiction. This discovery began the campaign for mass adoption of Ibogaine. He went to great lengths to get the rights for the commercial use of Ibogaine for the treatment of drug addiction in United States.

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