Why Ibogaine can be Necessary To Cure Addiction

Since the early 1960s there has been a disparate group of former drug addicts, researchers and scientists that have advocated a radical and effective treatment for people suffering from addiction, it is a hallucinogen known as ibogaine, which is derived from a West African plant, that has been noted to obliterate withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, heroin and cocaine and alcohol.


But if this hallucinogen is really that effective, then what is the reason that it is not so popular in the US or anywhere else in the world? To find out the answer, we need to first understand what is ibogaine and what are its properties that gives it the power to cure addiction.


Ibogaine is a relatively isolated yet active alkaloid derived from the root bark of a central shrub from West Africa, known as the Tabernanthe Iboga. The shrub has been used by the locals for thousands of years both as a rite of passage into adulthood and for spiritual development.


Ibogaine has remarkable properties that make it an effective treatment to stop opiate withdrawal. This was the little known fact about ibogaine that invited more research and study. ¬†Sine the 1960’s ibogaine has been undertaken by leading research institutes as well as academic facilities that have shown that this hallucinogen is an extremely effective addiction interrupter for many harmful and addictive substances like, methadone, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, alcohol and also nicotine.


Ibogaine is known to alleviate physical withdrawal symptoms caused by opiate detoxification by refreshing and resetting opiate receptor sites. How this happens is yet to be discovered and right now is not fully understood by scientists and researchers; but one thing is certain that there is no other known substance that has shown such an immediate effect in curing addiction.


Once the process has reached completion, the individual has no need to use Ibogaine further or unnecessarily. It’s function resembles that of the treatments that usually work by blocking or taking residence in the receptor sites which normally harbour those chemical substances. But unlike drugs such as cocaine, suboxone or methadone, which almost always lead to chemical dependency, Ibogaine turns out to be non-addictive and once the treatment is complete, it does not need to be taken on regular basis.


Ibogaine treatment has been considered effective for drug addicts and helps in cleansing the body off of all harmful drugs. Ibogaine also resets the brain’s efficient neuron-chemistry. It makes the individual forget and lose his memory of ¬†appears and staying dependent on drugs. Ibogaine completely removes that dependency from the mind and body of the addict.. It also addresses the cravings from its metabolite Nor-ibogaine.


Ibogaine has successfully treated a number of heroin addicts in the US and all across Europe as well. But it is still considered an illegal drug in the United States because its toxicological properties are yet to be known, and many still consider it a high risk drug.


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