Trip to Wellness

Take a TripToWellness with world famous drug expert and humanitarian, Barry Cooper. TripToWellness offers beach side ayahuasca vacations and ibogaine treatment. We treat addictions, alcoholism, alcohol cravings, depression, PTSD and other pesky disorders. Many participate for the sole purpose of consciousness expansion. Experience a TripToWellness and become the best version of yourself possible

Ibogaine House


We help people heal-gently, powerfully and successfully with ibogaine treatment.


With our ibogaine treatment we create individual programs and cater to each client addressing the unique mental, spiritual, physical, emotional and social needs of each one.


Plus the benefits of ibogaine treatment, we offer a beautiful setting, massage, ocean walks, and food for both the body and soul.

It is about giving back. It is about helping another person without judgment. It is about losing your own self-focus and self-preoccupation. We provide the client essential compassion in the form of listening. In a way that is the most important thing that we do. By being emotionally available ourselves, we will be fulfilling one of the messages of this medicine.


Envision Recovery

Our primary concern is assuring the highest level safety for our patients, before, during and after treatment.
Dr. Malaquias Vargas, Lex Kogan and our team of registered nurses and after-care staff are always present and provide a family-like atmosphere for our patients throughout the entire process.  Prior to treatment, each patient must go through a physical screening process to minimize the risk of complications.
We understand that committing to an ibogaine session can be somewhat frightening for some people.  We will be there to support you every step of the way.
At Envision Recovery, we view your treatment as a transformative and therapeutic experience.  Therefore, we offer unwavering support throughout the entire process, including the post-treatment period.
Professional massage therapy is provided in a natural, relaxing environment designed for the integration phase that follows the detox session.

Toronto Ibogaine Center


The content provided is intended for educational purposes only. Although ibogaine is listed as a natural health product (NHP) within the Health Canada database, it has as of yet to be licensed and is therefore governed by strict regulatory guidelines. Toronto Ibogaine Centre remains open to disseminate information regarding ibogaine’s proven efficiency in interrupting all forms of chemical dependency. Please check back soon for further updates or call for further inquiries.

Genesis Ibogaine Center

Upon arrival the patient goes through an initial intake. Medical and psychological questions are answered and a physical exam is given. Medications are also prescribed. The patient takes lab tests, full blood tests, liver panel, and EKG and the cardiologist provides medical clearance the first or second day in the clinic. These days are also very important because it allows the patient to settle in, get comfortable, and to prepare for the treatment mentally, physically and spiritually.

Root Passages

Imagine a life of freedom – freedom from addiction and compulsions, from physical, emotional, and mental cravings. Such a life is attainable with the help of an ancient remedy known as Ibogaine Treatment. Ibogaine Treatment helps to reduce, even eliminate, withdrawal symptoms as well as post-treatment cravings.

The process of detoxification from opiates has found a natural antidote through this gift from the earth. Ibogaine turns a normal detox lasting weeks or months of pain and discomfort, caused by slowly tapering off or quitting cold turkey, into a dynamic meeting with Iboga.

Living Clean Ibogaine

Out of business


Living Clean Ibogaine brings forth a groundbreaking addiction treatment modelthat combines Ibogaine detox with therapeutic aftercare centered on ceremonial use of Amazonian sacred plant medicine. Our model brings together two powerful plant medicines that have demonstrated unparalleled effectiveness in addiction treatment – Ibogaine for addiction detox and Amazonian plant medicine for physical and psychological healing and sustained recovery. Your integration process will be supported by Integrative Medicine therapies including acupuncture, nutritional therapies, healthy habit-forming practices such as yoga and meditation, and transpersonal psychology counseling.

Liberty Root

Liberty Root was founded out of a desire to help those in need gain access to the life changing properties of iboga. Our co-founders took different paths to arrive at this medicine, but once they started working together it was clear there was a synergy between the two of them, the medicine, and the space needed to make this company happen. They decided to pool resources, establish networks in the medical community, and form a company that would set the benchmark in what one should expect from ibogaine therapy.

We understand that these ancient plant medicines are powerful and need to be used with humble respect and focused intent. We revere the spirit of both our clients and plant medicines. We do our best to act from a state of true charity, seeing our clients as the healed beings they have the potential to be, rather than the dis-eased rut they’ve gotten themselves into.

Ibogaine University

ogaine has proven to be extremely effective in the treatment of addiction. It has the unique ability to detox people from opiates literally overnight. It takes away nearly all withdrawal symptoms and cravings for most people. It is a powerful plant medicine that produces profound visions of ones life and ones choices often leading them down the road they are on if they don’t stop using. Ibogaine actually repairs or “resets” the brain receptor sites back to its natural state. Ibogaine treats the root of the problem while restoring the brain to a state that would normally take years to achieve.

Iboga Wellness

Iboga Wellness Center, located in beautiful Costa Rica, offers spiritual retreats and detoxification programs to provide people with a rich opportunity to heal themselves on three levels: body, mind, and spirit. Our emphasis is on the spiritual because healing is much deeper when problems are resolved on the spiritual level first. Physical problems are often the result of deeper underlying spiritual issues.

Our center has been designed to create an environment that will support your healing process. Located in the northwestern corner of Costa Rica, we are about a 1/2 mile from the Pacific Ocean with magnificent views of the Pacific from our facility. Our beautiful guest rooms provide an extremely comfortable, beautiful, and friendly place to focus on healing and spiritual growth. We have many areas where you can just be alone or have a conversation with another guest or a member of our staff.